Meeting of IEC members on the use of liquid soil technology in joint projects

On April 25, 2019, the cluster members met to discuss the use of German liquid soil technology in the implementation of joint projects in Ukraine.

The meeting was held on the premises of LLC „STK ENPASELECTRO” with the participation of scientific partners of the cluster represented by Professor Olaf Stolzenburg from the Research Institute of Liquid Soil (Leipzig, Germany), Neringa Radziukynienė from the Lithuanian Energy Institute (Kaunas, Lithuania) and members of the cluster represented by the Director General of LLC „STK ENPASELECTRO”, Vice-President of the Ukrainian National Committee CIGRE Yuri Bondarenko, Director of LLC „THS Ukraine” Aleksandr Portyannikov and Cluster Coordinator Mantas Našlėnas.

Professor of the German Institute, Mr. Olaf Stolzenburg, told the participants in detail about the technology itself and the field of application of liquid soil, as well as about the advantages that no other technology gives when working in difficult natural and urban environment.

Today, there is a tendency in Europe to switch from overhead power lines to cable lines. Therefore, the technology of liquid soil is becoming relevant in Ukraine. The technology helps to reduce and stabilize the cable temperature, thereby increasing its conductivity and service life.

Cluster members discussed possible projects on the territory of Ukraine, in which liquid soil will help to approach otherwise to construction works on power facilities.