Meeting of IEC on the basis of STC ENPASELECTRO, LTD. March 19, 2021

The members of the cluster held the 17th meeting in Kiev on the basis of the company STC ENPASELECTRO, LTD. During the meeting, participants raised the topical issue of the use of renewable energy and hydrogen sources.

The widespread use of hydrogen as a universal environmentally friendly energy carrier makes it possible to successfully solve many important energy and environmental problems. Indeed, in most highly developed countries, including Ukraine, the processes of obtaining and using hydrogen are being intensively developed.

The meeting also touched upon the issue of developing energy storage systems, their integration and installation into existing and new energy systems, including calculations and design work. Director of UAB „Batttec”, Vytautas Ščiuka prepared a presentation „Energy storage systems as an important and necessary element in balancing green energy”. Today, SEC Baltic is the only manufacturer of industrial lead-acid batteries in Lithuania and one of the first to produce lithium batteries and energy storage systems. The company is focusing on developing and deploying new lithium-ion based energy storage systems and transmission network balancing solutions.

Moreover, Sergei Sergeevich Girenko, a representative of LLC „INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES LTD”, shared his experience in the implementation of innovative solutions in the energy sector. The group has 15 years of experience in the energy sector (design, supply, installation, commissioning, after sales support). The qualified personnel has all the necessary experience for the new construction, as well as the reconstruction of electrical substations and power lines (0.4-750 kV).

Nowadays, new and more advanced technologies are constantly appearing in the world. Cooperation and exchange of innovative solutions between different countries of the world is becoming easier and less time consuming. The combination of all these factors can provide all countries with an effective toolkit in moving towards a more sustainable development path using green energy. Yuriy Bondarenko, CEO of STC ENPASELECTRO, LTD, told the participants of the meeting what changes the energy transition in the world in the operation of the Ukrainian energy system.