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International Energy Cluster

The International Energy Cluster (hereinafter IEC) bringing together companies of the energy sector with extensive experience and good reputation, was established in Kiev in June 2018.

Areas of activities of the IEC companies in energy include production of metal structures, design and construction of lines and substations, development of hydro-electric and of renewable energy facilities, manufacture and supply of materials and equipment, development and implementation of cyber security solutions, training of specialists of required qualifications, and design and construction of telecommunication systems.

The general aim is to promote cooperation between companies, extend the partnerships and economic activities, increase the competitiveness and international awareness of the cluster companies, and become the centre of excellence in the power sector.

The IEC unites companies that produce and supply energy equipment, metal structures, perform the design, construction, installation and commissioning works, work in the field of energy and telecommunication systems, as well as associated research institutions operating in the field of energy. IEC members and scientific partners work in joint projects in Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany and other EU countries.

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