Cluster Directions

Production of metal constructions, galvanizing

Production of metal constructions is for electricity needs (metal constructions of electricity lines and electric supports, substation portals and etc.). Nowadays it is possible to produce equipment in full cycle production according costumer‘s needs. The batch of zinc allows galvanizing products up to 14 metres length.

Design and construction of electric lines and substations

Design (starting from modes calculations of electrical grid, potential and "before" design studies to designing documentation/tasks preparation, expertise, technical maintenance during project development and implementation) and "up to key" works in energy objects covering from 10 to 330 kV overhead lines and substations.

Energy solutions and implementation in industrial objects

Creation, development and implementation of solutions related to "industrial energetics" (reserve and emergency "supply systems", smart metering systems for electricity and other resources, energy audits and implementation of planned measures including energy saving solutions).

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We have united the enterprises operating in the electric power sector with rich experience and good reputation. We implement joint projects in Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany and other EU countries

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