IEC meeting with the management of Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant (KPSP) and IGNITIS group.

On November 11, 2020, the specialists of “STC ENPASELECTRO”, LTD, “Turboatom”, the head of the IEC Mantas Našlėnas met with the management of the Kruonis PSP (Lithuania) and the IGNITIS group.

The Kruonis PSP was commissioned in 1998 and consists of 4 hydraulic units. Maximum generator mode – 4 × 205 = 820 MW, pumping mode – 4 × 217 = 868 MW. Upper basin – total volume – 48.3 million m³, lower basin – total volume – 462.0 million m³. Upper basin: area 3.06 km², dam length 6.3 km, maximum water level 153.5 m, minimum water level 140 m.

At the meeting, between the participants were discussed the issues of cooperation in the implementation of repair work on hydroelectric units, on which equipment of Ukrainian manufacturers (“Turboatom”, State Enterprise Plant “Electrotyazhmash”) and the cooperation strategy until 2025.