SoliTek building integrated PV solutions are on the way

Why would anyone use old technologies, expensive façade structures or nature-damaging components, when instead they can get a durable, high-resistance building cover with an energy generation ability? This means, it is now possible to reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and in return get a building with an opportunity to learn passive capital from sun.

While thinking of building-integrated solar plants, many of us imagine weird looking buildings. Not anymore. We assure you SoliTek produces seamless architectural design products with easy mounting systems. We specialize in the manufacturing of high-quality glass-glass solar BIPV panels, so whether you are looking for ways to integrate the solar plants on a big corporate building or a house in a residence area, we will provide a solution.

Offering a wide range of options like ventilated facades, canopies, car ports, solar kits and balustrades, we will surely find an option that suits your situation best. One of the more popular options among our customers are the integrated roofs, also commonly called as the Solrif systems. With our expertise and competence, it only takes one day to mount the Solrif system on a residential building’s roof – allowing our customers to save their valuable time. If you want to have an efficient and beautiful, passive-energy generating solar building, Solrif is a solution for you.

All buildings should go green!

21st century means the constant change. The world around us is changing at the speed of light. In the USA every year publishers are issuing from 600.000 to 1 million new books. These are enormous numbers, which symbolise that we are living in a totally different age – where old rules are facing new challenges.

Energy industry is having a similar transformation. The number of people interested in renewable energy is growing. A few years ago, solar power plant was a considered as viable solution only by the handful of companies, while today even ordinary laymen are considering to use solar energy resources. These days, even small one-floor house owners in Sweden can have their own power plants, which are almost constantly generating green energy. A futuristic idea of everyone living in bright and sustainable houses is closer to reality now, as never before.

Challenging the rules

However, if we want to turn this dream into reality, we must challenge the status quo. We have to provide accessible and multifunctional solar energy solutions for developers, architects, manufacturers and customers. Until now buildings with solar panels were clumsy and non-adaptive to people’s needs. That’s why there used to be a huge difficulties finding companies that could build sustainable and good looking houses. In the long-term perspective, only companies who have the capabilities to provide building-integrated or attached photovoltaic solutions are going to thrive. This kind of companies are changing our imagination about the building standards – because of their efforts, everyone will have a chance to live in the settlements of tomorrow.

Building-integrated photovoltaic – a future technology available today

Now let’s take a closer look at the building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) industry – what kind of situation are we in today? Many solar panel manufacturers are working with large scale projects and fragile solar panels. They are suitable for huge power plants and for them durability is not the main concern. However, for a small-scale project and a private power plant (private homes), a good product quality becomes one of the most important features they pay mind to. None of us would be happy if our newly-build roof started leaking after only 2 years. Or if a newly-build power plant fixed on the roof became irreparable after one snowy day.

That’s why our BIPV solar panels have only the highest quality and resistance to a big weight load and other environmental effects, with at least of 30 years efficiency warranty.

Different industries – one team

Building a new office takes time and full involvement from specialists of different backgrounds. Customers give the main idea, architects draw a visualisation, product manufacturers provide costumed solutions and builders combine this whole puzzle into one picture. During this complex process it is important to have an experienced partner that could provide information about the solar energy technology. Only with the help of a solar industry competence center can the futuristic buildings be created now.

If you want to get a taste of true solar energy quality – go with SoliTek!

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