7 November 2019 IEC signed a cooperation agreement with the Ukrainian Law Firm “SOLIDUM”

SOLIDUM Law Firm specializes in providing legal and consulting services to businesses in the energy / green energy, construction and agribusiness sectors.

The scale and importance of these sectors in the Ukrainian economy can hardly be overestimated. At the same time, the presence of state regulation, fierce competition and considerable politicization make these spheres of economic activity an arena of tough confrontation of interests and a zone of permanent conflicts. These factors lead to an urgent need for qualified legal protection of market participants.

The team of SOLIDUM Law Firm is lawyers and lawyers with extensive experience in litigation, complex legal support of energy, construction and agricultural companies, as well as the skills to solve specific industry problems.

Deep expertise, timeliness and principle are the qualities that guarantee the positive result in any project.

A separate line of activity of the Company is comprehensive support of public procurement procedures.

In its practice, the company adheres to the principle of “in solidum”, which means solidarity and integrity in working with clients. These principles allow the company to build and maintain long-lasting, truly partnerships with customers.

The company operates in B2B format, so it focuses on the business processes of customers and provides practical guidance for each specific project.